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    14 Heavily Discounted Closet Organisation Products You Can Get At The Amazon Freedom Sale

    Some of these are at more than 50% off!

    1. These clothes organiser boxes that you can use to store clothes, blankets and other garments that you aren't currently using - ₹789 for a set of two (MRP ₹1,499)

    2. This wardrobe divider so you can categorise your clothes and know exactly where to look when you’re searching for something - ₹399 (MRP ₹800)

    3. This portable folding shoe rack so you’ll finally have a place to store all the shoes you’ve been hoarding - ₹599 (MRP ₹999)

    4. These 5-layer hangers for people who have too many clothes and not nearly enough closet space to hang all their favourite pieces - ₹313 (MRP ₹799)

    5. This honeycomb drawer divider that’s perfect for storing your socks, underwear and belts. Now you’ll never have to run around the house searching for a clean pair of socks again - ₹249 for a pack of 8 pieces (MRP ₹599)

    6. This garment rack is a lifesaver for people who don’t have a big closet in their rooms. You can plan your outfits in advance and hang them here - ₹1,425 (MRP ₹2,299)

    The rack used to hang clothes and store a hat, laundry basket, and shoes

    7. This set of 5 vacuum storage bags that you can use to store clothes you don’t use frequently, like sweaters, coats, and extra blankets - ₹799 (MRP ₹1,399)

    8. This under the bed storage box that you can store your off-season shoes and clothes in - ₹1,599 (MRP ₹1,399)

    9. This t-shirt folder that makes the annoying job of folding your clothes so simple that you might actually enjoy it - ₹699 (MRP ₹1,199)

    10. These saree organisers so all your delicate sarees are neatly arranged and protected from dust and dirt. They also have a see-through patch so you can easily find the saree you need - ₹249 (MRP ₹299)

    11. These hanging mesh storage bags that you can use to hang socks and lingerie if your cupboard doesn’t have enough drawers - ₹359 (MRP ₹999)

    12. This scarf and dupatta organiser with 28 slots to keep all your scarves and stoles neatly organised in one place - ₹299 (MRP ₹899)

    13. This jewellery organiser with adjustable dividers so you can arrange your jewellery the way you want to - ₹399 (MRP ₹799)

    14. And finally, this lingerie organiser that will keep bras carefully organised and make them last longer - ₹399 (MRP ₹799)