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    18 Products Under ₹300 You Can Buy If You’re Having A Bad Day

    Nothing lifts the mood like a little bit of shopping therapy.

    1. This adorable squishy stress relieving toy that will melt all your stress and anger away - ₹299

    2. A whole box of chocolate chip cookies, because chocolate makes everyone happier - ₹264 for 400g

    3. These silicone cable protectors that will make sure all your wires stay in one piece - ₹179 for a set of 8

    4. This super cute mug with an awesome message that will make sure you don’t feel sad (whenever you’re drinking from it at least) - ₹145

    5. These earphones that have a mic and inbuilt Alexa so you can give your phone voice commands through them - ₹299

    6. This gorgeouusssss crepe yellow kurti that will brighten up your day when you wear it - ₹299

    7. This women’s silver watch with a white dial that’s super affordable and is perfect for daily wear to college/office, to help you stay on time - ₹284

    8. And this casual earthy men’s watch that also had a day and date display in the dial - ₹279

    9. This floral wall decal so you can spruce up your home just in time for spring season - ₹89

    10. This pack of UNO that you can pack along on a trip and you’ll never get bored - ₹129

    11. This earphone protection case if you’re fed up with having to untangle the wires all the time - ₹110

    12. This set of 3 socks for anyone who wants to show their bright and colourful personality through every part of their outfit - ₹225

    13. Also, these colourful earrings that will look great with both Indian and western outfits - ₹175

    14. This chic black backpack if you’re not the handbag type but still need something to carry all your stuff and stay organized - ₹289

    15. This bottle shaker for all you gym freaks, that makes mixing your protein shakes easier than ever - ₹110

    16. This set of two Lakmé kohl pencils so that your eyes always look on point - ₹260

    17. The shaadi season is upon us and since no one wants to spend a fortune on an outfit for one event that you probably won’t feel like repeating ‘cause you’ve already posted your OOTD on the gram, this saree is the perfect choice for your next function - ₹299

    18. These unisex wayfarer shades so you can block out anything that’s killing your vibe - ₹289