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    12 Underprivileged Kids Perform A Sarah Kay Poem And It's Soul Stirring

    This rendition of Sarah Kay's most popular poem 'If I should have a daughter' by these young children from Slam Out Loud is what the power of poetry feels like!

    Airplane Poetry Movement / Via Facebook: airplanepoetrymovement

    Slam Out Loud is an initiative that provides children, especially from

    marginalized and under resourced communities, a platform to express their feelings and voice their opinions through poetry and storytelling.

    Airplane Poetry Movement / Via Facebook:

    A group of 12 kids led and curated by Jigyasa Labroo , will be performing a set at the National Youth Poetry Slam where Sarah Kay is performing.

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    Airplane Poetry Movement / Via

    And this is how they welcome Sarah Kay! Watch their heartwarming performance.