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11 Women On What Motivates Them To Work Out

What inspires you to get moving?

Making the time for self-nurturing:

"Running gives me tons of energy, and it's my time every day to clear my mind and think through and assess things. Every major choice I've made in my life was decided on a run."

– Victoria H.

Being part of a team:

"I play sports because I like feeling like I'm a part of something. I like cheering when we're down, feeling good when we're in the lead, and the playful ragging between everyone when we lose. I've also made some really, really good friends!"

– Ashley C.

Taking care of your mental health:

To take time to reflect:

"As a kid, being outside and active meant I wasn't indoors doing chores, so that was great motivation! In school I did sports because I'm very competitive, but I also enjoyed the camaraderie of team sports. After years of pounding my knees, I have to do more leisure activities like walking and sometimes a light jog or hike, and those are great opportunities for reflection and general equally for mental and physical health."

– Adriana R.

To break barriers:

For a sense of accomplishment:

"I exercise in order to feel strong, both mentally and physically. Exercising lifts my mood, and I feel a huge sense of achievement after finishing a tough workout.

"Exercise has also been a huge part of my recovery following my knee operation. Getting injured earlier this year has been a huge motivation for me to exercise, as I would like to avoid any further injury and be able to run around after my kids when I am older!"

– Sarah R.

To connect with nature:

To feel STRONG

Keep moving and get a new angle on life with Suzuki.