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38 Things Not To Do On Your Period, According To Superstition

"If you squeeze some lemon juice on your blood, you will die."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share superstitions about what people shouldn't do while menstruating, and we heard from more than 6,000 of you from around the world.

As many of you pointed out in your submissions, some of these aren't widely believed today. None of the responses should be taken to speak for an entire country, culture, group, or religion — there are, of course, many diverse beliefs and practices within each. But here are some of the things readers shared.

1. "In my Mexican upbringing we were told to never attend a funeral on your period, because whatever the person died from could somehow poison your vagina blood and kill you or make you sick." —Anonymous, 23, US

2. "My grandmother believed that if you eat octopus while menstruating your face would be filled with warts." —Inês, 25, Portugal


4. "You must not touch flowers as they will immediately die." —V, 18, Italy


7. "If you squeeze some lemon juice on your blood, you will die." —Alia, 19, Malaysia

9. "You shouldn't get very angry or else your period will stop." —Sophie, 17, Greece


11. "My father's friend believed if a woman on her period entered the room, the homemade wine would go bad." —Ana, 29, Portugal

13. "We're not supposed to hold babies during our periods because it will hurt their bellies." —Mona, Jamaica


15. "My grandmother said that during her period, a woman shouldn't do any hard workout, otherwise she won't be able to have babies." —Anonymous, United Arab Emirates

17. "You shouldn't eat acidic food or wet your feet." —Mariana, 17, Bolivia

18. "It's bad to wear sandals or high heels."

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"I come from a Salvadorian background. Though I was born in the US, the women in my family have some superstitions they have made me believe. For example, lemon/lime or watermelon will 'cut off,' or in other words shorten or end your period. We can't eat seafood or eggs because it'll make your period smell bad. It's bad to wear sandals or high heels."

—Kayla, 23, US


19. "My grandma says that if you're on your period you can't go out at night, at least the first day." —Alejandra, 21, Venezuela

20. "Women weren't allowed to go to the sauna during periods."

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"This is an old Finnish superstition — it's not really in use anymore. Women weren't allowed to go to the sauna during periods. The sauna was (well, still is) a sacred place. Women were slightly magical creatures, mainly for possessing the power to reproduce. Periods were this mystical time of the month when these secret feminine powers peaked.

It was considered wise to keep something like that apart from a sacred place. On the other hand, many women did give birth in a sauna."

—Anonymous, 26, Finland

21. "I come from Poland, and one of the superstitions that we have is to never bake a sponge cake or it's going to turn out flat. 😂" —Angela, 17, UK

22. "Apparently we can't properly whip cream by hand when we are on our period. (I don't whip cream often enough to have noticed if it is true or not.)" —Marie-Ève, 28, Canada (Québec)


23. "You can't touch raw meat or make pasta sauce while on your period or it will go off. (Both superstitions are Italian.)" —Jessica, 19, Australia

24. "I was always told to keep away from the Indian pickled vegetables my mom kept in the cupboard. Apparently if I handled the jars while menstruating I would spoil them." —Harp, 33, Canada

25. "My mother always told me if I cooked for a man while I was on my period, I might get blood in the food. And I would have accidentally 'put the roots on him' and he would never leave me, no matter how trash he might become." —Koyoa, 27, US


27. "Now, I don't give a fuck, but when I was young, I didn't enter the kitchen." —Anonymous, 20, Romania

28. "Oh my god, talk about the Chinese superstitions. It is a widely known and still practiced superstition that women on their period bring bad luck in terms of money (i.e. gambling)." —Natalie, 25, Hong Kong

29. "I wasn't allowed to touch my great-grandmother while on my period, and she would get quite upset if I touched my grandparents." —Anonymous, 20, India


31. "We can't cut our nails, unless we bury them afterward." —Anonymous, Malaysia

33. "Don't sit on the ground because it's cold and it can give you strong cramps." —Anonymous, 15, Belgium


35. "You shouldn't drink anything cold because it supposedly delays your period or makes it last longer." —Mahnoor, Pakistan

36. "Don't cut your hair while on your period, and don't have your hair cut by someone who's on their period."

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Don't cut your hair while on your period, and don't have your hair cut by someone who's on their period. Don't shower because the flow will be really bad. Don't cut your nails or shave!!! The new generation doesn't seem to believe in these.

—Sila, 21, Albania

37. "My grandmother used to say you shouldn't wash your hands in cold water during your period because it will hurt more." —Gloria, 20, Croatia

38. "My mom is Mexican. She has many superstitions, like I couldn't hold my newborn baby niece or I'd make her sick. I still held her and plot twist: She was fine." —Angelica, 22, US


Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

What other period superstitions have you heard? Let us know in the comments below.

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