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ZAYA : A Queer Black Women Love Story

Zaya is a short film promoting love and acceptance. The main protagonist, named Zaya, is a contemporary dancer that just realized her attraction for Nadege, her dance partner. To be able to face who she is entirely, Zaya feels the need to overcome her internal fear and come out to her mother. #LoveIsLove

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Zaya and Nadege Kissing scene

Despite Zaya's struggle to come out to her mother, in a tender scene, Zaya and Nadege finally decide to let their emotions take over control.

''It was very important to me that we show the vulnerability of the two characters and that even if they really wanted to make out, it was done in a respectful way''.

says Susanne Serres, The screenwriter and filmmaker behind ZAYA.

Photo portraying : Lyrykz (Zaya) and Robine Kaseka (Nadege)

Contemporary Dance and Attraction

''In this particular moment, the most important thing to me was to show a lot of emotions and connection withouth using a lot of words. This is why I love dance scenes so much : it allows you to play with movement and music and still contribute to give the audiance a good idea of what's going on in the character's mind''.

-Susanne Serres

Photo portraying : Lyrykz (Zaya) and Robine Kaseka (Nadege)

Mother Daughter Moment

When Zaya finally decides to come out to her mother, it's in a moment where she can no longer take it anymore : she wants to be the most honest person possible in the eyes of her mother, a woman that she loves and respects a lot.

''I wanted to give this short film a happy ending because that's not a narrative we see quite often in lgbtq movies, especially those portraying queer women of color. I truly think we need more positivity within our community''.

-Susanne Serres

Photo portraying : Julie Barbeau (Johanne, the Mother) Lyrykz (Zaya)

ZAYA : The Short Film

''I am working on the script of the feature film for Zaya in the hope of making the full length movie in a near future. As an aspiring young black woman and queer filmmaker that is passionated by cinema and arts in general, I truly think those kind of stories are important''.

-Susanne Serres

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