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Welcome To Sisters In Science

First post 1/25/16

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"I love Sisters in Science!" -Sally Ride, the first American woman in space / Via

Let's get acquainted.

Hello, guys! My name is Susanna Parkhill, and this is Sisters in Science, my blog about women in NASA. I made this blog for an online journalism class, but I'm very excited to work on it and post about women and space! I'm currently studying English and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and I will be graduating in May 2018. In my free time, I like to write, read, play music, and work out! If you wish to contact me about the blog, my email is

What is Sisters in Science?

As mentioned, Sisters in Science is about women in NASA. Weekly, I will post current news and events concerning this topic. I will also occasionally do a historical feature about past female involvement in NASA. I not only want to highlight the accomplishments of women, but I also want to be clear and the science and policies related to each post. I hope to describe the technical aspects about various space and science projects in an interesting and clear way.

What are your sources?

I will find content for Sisters in Science from various other blogs.Here's links to two of the main blogs I will be using for content and inspiration. : This is a NASA- run blog specifically about women. This is a blog, run by Emily Lakdawalla, from the Planetary Society.

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