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4 Top Web Designing Trends For 2018

Revealing the top 4 trends that are going to stay in 2018

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Designing a website is not an easy skill to master. Over the years, significant progress has been seen in IT industry and that progress has been witnessed in the form of technological advancements and innovations in web designing and development as well. To breathe life in an inanimate object (the website) is a great skill that doesn’t come handy to everyone. The aesthetic skills partnered with user-friendly experience is the recipe for the best website design.

1. Responsive Web Design Is Going To Stay

According to the United States Department of labor, bureau of labor statistics, $47,640 annually go to web designers. This exhibits that how the web designing industry is evolving and bringing new changes to life. Something better and more fruitful is offered every passing year.

Now the one size doesn’t fit all so you need to offer responsive website design if you wanted to stay ahead of the competition. Google is going to penalize websites for not being responsive. Pinching, scrolling and zooming on mobile screen is the thing of the past now.

2. Websites Must Load Faster Now

According to Google trends regarding ranking website, easy navigation and faster loading plays an important role in elevating user experience. According to a research, 50% of mobile users will abandon a page if it doesn’t load in 10 seconds. Website navigation should be a breeze. Simple navigation with a fast load time goes exceptionally well with the user as it improves visitor’s experience.

SmartInsights states that 71% of most of the people’s time is spent on their phone. People use mobile search to get some quick information from the internet. So, mobile responsive and speed optimized websites are going to be must in 2018 and onward.

3. Choose The Typography That Speaks About Your Business

In the past, Times New Roman and Arial were the famous texts that were used by most of the websites. But the recent trends have paved great importance to modern and contemporary Typography style. It has now become a key element in website designing. Fonts are being upgraded because specific typefaces represent different style, mood and taste of the company or brand.

4. Give A More Personalized User Experience

3d videos, 2d videos, Whiteboard animations or even an interactive presentation on the website can be a more precise way to commute with the audience and to make them understand what your core product or service is about.

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