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The 13 Most Heartbreaking Moments For Anyone Who Doesn't Own A Dog

This one is for everyone who pets dogs while their owners are in the store.

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1. For you, any dog photos posted by your friends are an automatic "like".

Instagram: @buda

And that's not even counting all the profiles specifically for dogs that you're following on Instagram.

3. But the worst part is that it seems like the internet only exists to break your heart, leaving you in a constant state of suffering since you don't have a dog.

4. Aside from following them online, you even PHYSICALLY follow dogs - and their owners - on the street, until you can "coincidentally" stop for a pet (of the dog).


5. You stop to "chat" with every dog you find waiting for their owners in front of the supermarket, imagining for a few wonderful moments that you are their human.

Instagram: @igor_tukila

"Where's your daddy?"

6. When talking to a dog owner, you've got tons of thoughts and a lot to say, offering advice and criticisms... until they ask what kind of dog you have.

Instagram: @estopinharossi

And you just cry quietly to yourself.

8. Deep down, you know that the best moment of your day would be so much better if you had a dog.

Instagram: @aisabela

Imagine having an adorable, huggable, living stuffed animal to keep you company at all times.


10. You spend a lot of time thinking about how you could change a few things around in your life to make room for your very own furry little friend.

Instagram: @nicohenriques

"I could walk it before work... I'd just have to wake up half an hour earlier... Okay, maybe an hour."

12. And in the meantime, you drop little hints to your roomies - or your family - about how you're responsible enough for a dog. (Which never works.)


13. And to fill your need, you just visit your friends with dogs way more often than visit your friends who do not have dogs.

Instagram: @layleonardo

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