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    Here's What 11 Of Your Fave Fruits And Vegetables Look Like When They're Flowering

    Florals for fall, anyone?

    1. First of all, this is what the flower of an okra plant looks like:

    2. And this is what an onion plant looks like when it's blooming.

    3. This is a pineapple flower...

    4. And this is a tomato flower!

    5. Here's what the blossoms of a cucumber plant look like...

    6. And this is a flowering pepper plant:

    7. These tiny little blooms will turn into radishes one day...

    8. And these are zucchini blossoms!

    9. An eggplant's flower is also purple, ICYWW:

    10. And this is a wild garlic flower:

    11. Finally, this fancy one is a vanilla orchid:

    This post was translated from Portuguese.