15 Things That Happen When You Adopt A Dog

    Adopt. Don't buy.

    1. On your first day with your dog, you'll feel both euphoric and slightly panicked. This is normal.

    2. You may have been wanting to get a dog for years, and when you realize it's finally for real, everything changes.

    3. Then the little fella doesn't want to eat, or cries at night, or scratches too much... and you begin to despair, thinking that he must be miserable in his new home.

    4. But one day, maybe out of nowhere, she'll come up to you while you're watching TV and fall asleep with her head on your lap.

    5. You'll notice him growing more confident and comfortable in his new home, and it will make your heart explode.

    6. With your care, she'll start to gain a little weight, and her coat will become more lush and shiny.

    7. And then one day he'll do something to make you think "my, aren't you a bit presumptuous!" And that is a wonderful moment.

    8. Sooner or later, she'll become your shadow.

    9. At the beginning, you'll agonize over leaving him alone for any reason.

    10. But eventually you realize that, even though she loves having you around, you don't need to spend every moment with her.

    11. You settle into a comfortable routine: He gets used to your schedule, and you get more comfortable bringing him with you to unfamiliar places.

    12. Thanks to long walks, you get to know your neighborhood in a whole new way.

    13. You'll talk to your dog A LOT. Yes, even you.

    14. And you'll catch yourself thinking that dogs even smell good.

    15. Yes, your life will change. But you won't be able to even imagine what it was like before you got your furry companion.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.