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    14 Brazilian Dishes To Try While You're Visiting

    Even if you aren't in town for the Olympics, these foods are worth traveling for all year round.

    1. 'Moqueca Capixaba', from Espírito Santo.

    2. Fruit ice cream from Pará.

    3. Cake rolls from Recife.

    4. 'Goiano' pie from Goiás.

    5. 'Carne de sol', traditional in the north-east.

    6. 'Sururu' broth from Maceió.

    7. 'Barreado' from Paraná.

    8. 'Soba' from Mato Grosso do Sul.

    9. Canastra cheese, originally from Minas Gerais.

    10. 'Espeto de rojão' from the countryside of São Paulo state.

    11. 'Leão Veloso' soup from Rio de Janeiro.

    12. Guava 'Cuca' from Rio Grande do Sul.

    13. Chicken 'Ximxim' from Bahia.

    14. 'Jambu' cachaça from the north.