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    14 Brazilian Dishes To Try While You're Visiting

    Even if you aren't in town for the Olympics, these foods are worth traveling for all year round.

    1. 'Moqueca Capixaba', from Espírito Santo.


    Bless Espírito Santo for this one. This version of Brazilian fish stew is lighter than the version from Bahia (also delicious) because it's not made with palm oil or coconut milk.

    2. Fruit ice cream from Pará.

    3. Cake rolls from Recife.

    May Pernambuco be eternally celebrated for this delightful contribution to the culinary world! A triumph of sugar and butter filled with guava paste. It's preparation requires a lot of work and skill, but if you want to give it a go, here's a recipe.

    4. 'Goiano' pie from Goiás.

    5. 'Carne de sol', traditional in the north-east.

    6. 'Sururu' broth from Maceió.

    7. 'Barreado' from Paraná.

    8. 'Soba' from Mato Grosso do Sul.

    9. Canastra cheese, originally from Minas Gerais.

    10. 'Espeto de rojão' from the countryside of São Paulo state.

    Por SM2 CAPÃO BONITO - Obra do próprio, CC0,

    This skewer is a tradition in the city of Ribeirão Grande in the countryside of São Paulo, where it's sold mainly at fairs and street parties. It's made with minced pork, and the secret is in the wood of the skewer, which must be eucalyptus.

    11. 'Leão Veloso' soup from Rio de Janeiro.

    12. Guava 'Cuca' from Rio Grande do Sul.

    13. Chicken 'Ximxim' from Bahia.

    A chicken and shrimp stew that, in addition to the traditional palm oil, contains finely ground peanuts and chestnuts. It's delicious, and not as well-known as 'Vatapá' or 'Bobó'.

    14. 'Jambu' cachaça from the north.

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