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    Some Cool & Unique Wine Decanters To Enhance Your Wine & Your Décor

    Whether you are a wine connoisseur, an enthusiast or simply someone who loves to sip on drinks that can make you tipsy, it is essential that you have some knowledge about decanters. Uhh….what is it!? Well, decanters are vessels used to store alcoholic beverages like whiskey or wine in a bid to separate the drink from suspended sediments in the same. These vessels come in an array of shapes, sizes and could be made of plain glass and even lead-free crystals. On that note, here are some unique and cool decanters to enhance your wine and your décor –

    Pewter and Crystal Spirits Decanter Having a drink before and after an event has always been a ritual since time immemorial.

    Pewter and Crystal Spirits Decanter
    Timothy de clue collection / Via

    This is the reason why most American homes now have at least a minibar as it is that section of a home that signifies the hospitable nature of a home. On that note, this pewter and crystal spirits decanter is not only perfect for malted beverages like scotch but also for more palatable drinks like wine. Get it: Here, Price:$185.00

    TDC Laurelhurst Decanter This is yet another attractive decanter from the house of Timothy De Clue. It is a part of the brand’s European Crystal Collection.

    TDC Laurelhurst Decanter
    Timothy de clue collection / Via

    It is handcrafted and is made with lead-free. It offers a clear look to the beholder and is a great addition to homes and places of business alike.

    Get it: Here, Price: $99.00

    Lucy Octopus Kraken Decanter, This piece is handcrafted and the design is the result of careful sand-etching technique.

    Lucy Octopus Kraken Decanter
    Timothy De Clue Collection / Via

    This results in the design to be etched deep into the decanter. The best part, the artisan paid impeccable attention to detail while etching the Kraken into the decanter.

    Get it: Here, Price: $195.00

    Arctic Club Spirits Decanter, The piece is made using lead-free crystal and is the product of the States.

    Arctic Club Spirits Decanter
    Timothy De Clue Collection / Via

    It is sort of homage to the renowned Arctic Club - one of Seattle's iconic and historically important buildings.

    Get it: Here, Price: $149.00

    American Wildlife Round Elk Decanter, This is one of the best selling decanters in the online markets of the USA as it is a product of Julie Wear Designs LLC. Julie Wear is a world-famous thoroughbred and wildlife painter. She is a master when it comes to making portraits of prized possessions of people such as champion bloodstock.

    American Wildlife Round Elk Decanter
    Timothy De Clue Collection / Via

    She found the aforementioned company as a means of diversifying her career. Her company is best known for porcelain dinnerware and deep-etched European crystal glassware.

    Get It: Here, Price:$279.00

    Pewter and Crystal Wine Decanter, This decanter is made using match pewter. Pewter is an alloy. It is made using copper, antimony and tin but match pewter is made using more than 95% high-quality tin.

    Pewter and Crystal Wine Decanter
    Timothy De Clue Collection / Via

    The result is that this particular variant of the decanter is known for their impeccable quality, clarity, and sheen. These products are handmade by renowned Italian artisans. These are lead-free thus making them perfect for everyday use.

    Get it: Here, Price: $288.00

    Smith Tower Decanter, This is part of the crystal collection of decanters that contains bold patterns that are similar to the historic architecture of Smith Tower.

    Smith Tower Decanter
    Timothy De Clue Collection / Via

    These decanters are made in the USA and are made using glass that is lead-free.

    Get it: Here, Price: $149.00

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