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74 Amazing Ken Cheng Moments From The Internet From 2016

2016 is drawing to a close. A lot of terrible things happened this year but we shouldn't just focus on the negatives. It's important to remember all the great things that have happened which is why I made this Buzzfeed article to remind you all of the greatest moments from my FB page. Strap in.

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On Love and Relationships



Observations about Life


On London Life


On Pop Culture

My Friends Spin-off Set in 2016

On Sainsburys

Days of the Year


My Stand-up Also Exploded On Reddit This Year

I also made a Top Ten Video for BBC 3.

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The Status That Had Everyone Talking

Potentially The Plot To "Best Dad Ever"?

Come See "Best Dad Ever"

That's right. I am doing a comedy show and if you enjoyed my FB output, come see my stand-up show I'm doing at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge.

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