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11 Reasons You'll Want To Live In The SuperMansion

We’re super on board. Don’t miss the first three episodes of SuperMansion, now streaming only on Crackle.

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1. SuperMansion.


2. It's a mansion full of superheroes, which pretty much means you want to move in, like, yesterday.

(The show is by the people who made Robot Chicken... THIS IS A BIG DEAL GUYS).

So fill out your application now, because superhero roommates probably come with some pretty sick perks. Right?

3. For example, they've probably got a lot to teach you. Like how to handle conflict maturely:

This is Titanium Rex, btw, and he's played by BRYAN EFFING CRANSTON.

4. Or how to stay calm under pressure.


5. Also, it's not just a mansion — it's a SuperMansion. So you know the amenities will be luxurious AF.

6. And it stands to reason that superheroes = super hygienic.

Sure, that's about as clean as a shower. Why not.

7. Being surrounded by fit superheroes will probably be crazy motivational.

Dignity. Such dignity.

8. You bet your new roomies will be pretty deep too.

Such spirituality.

9. Not to mention enlightened.

Come on, American Ranger... Being stuck in a time tunnel for the last 60 years is really no excuse. (He's voiced by the incomparable Keegan-Michael Key, FTR.)

10. You know game night with superheroes is probably top-notch.

11. But at the end of the day, what you'll love most is the way your roommates care for one another.

Aaaaw. Thanks B-Cran!

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We’re so ready for it. Check out the first three episodes of SuperMansion, now streaming only on Crackle

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