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Which Member Of The Phood Pham Are You?

Which member of the pham that loves to eat are you??

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  1. Its lunch with the pham, what are you wearing?

    Athletic shorts and flip flops
    Anthropology - looking casual but cute
    Some obscure designer that nobody has ever heard of looking like its New York fucking fashion week
    A cute dress
    A cute top and shorts
  2. It's Friday night, what are you doing?

    Out with bae
    Cuddling with bae
    At a rave
    Getting laid
  3. Are you athletic?

    Fuck yea, captain of the soccer team
    Only in the Wizarding World
    Is raving a sport?
    I like to eat
    Little but strong
  4. How much can you eat?

    I'm a bottomless pit and I never gain weight
    I'm a health nut
    I eat way more than I can because I like the taste of food (I usually feel sick after)
    I bring the leftovers to my boyfriend
    Not a bottomless pit, but second highest eating rate
  5. What dog is your spirit animal?

    Toy poodle
  6. You bring a guy home to meet the rents, what does your dad do?

    Polish a shotgun
    I would not do that because my boyfriends are secret
    He'd bro out with them
    He'd think they're cute and ask lots about them
    Shit talk his sports teams
    Probably not particularly care
  7. What dorm do you identify with?

    Sharp - The social hub of the party
    Monroe - Shambly at times but manages to get it together lots of times
    Butler - Super put together, but secretly gets schwasted
    Wall - put together, quirky, and still likes to have fun
    Aron - dabbles in partying but just chills off to the side like a swug
    Leadership Village - Fancy as fuck
  8. What are you doing in class?

    Making this quiz
    Trying to figure out where you want to eat later
    Taking really good notes
    Showing everyone up with your superior language skills
    Paying attention but also maybe thinking about guys and pugs and food
    Recovering from last night

Which Member Of The Phood Pham Are You?

You got: Liane

You're the matriarch of the Pham! You like to procrastinate and wear exclusively athletic clothes. You're favorite food is salt and one time you didn't notice someone had put a lot of salt in your lemonade and you continued drinking it. You're a pug.

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You got: Kesany

You speak and absurd number of languages extremely well. You're a tiny little bundle of cuteness and joy. You enjoy making sassy remarks and eating. You're a chihuahua!

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You got: Wen

You're life centers around eating and looking fabulous all the damn time. LITERALLY YOU EAT AND LOOK FANTASTIC. You want a baby every day of your life because they're super cute. You're a pomeranian.

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You got: Sarah

You probably like to play quidditch and hate it when people don't call it a real sport. You are a John Besh fanatic and you're the foodie of the bunch. You're smiley and bubbly and social. And you've also probably had a hickey a few times... YOURE A CORGI. :D

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You got: Kelly

You're a freshie member of the Pham. You're bad at time management and good at avoiding your responsibilities. You cry when watching Netflix. You value sleep over most things. If you were in a coma, they would probably hook you up to an IV of sweet tea to keep you alive. You love all doges but are a chow chow at heart.

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You got: Madeline

You're probably the most put together one in the group. You study hard and work hard. You love soccer and you're even a captain as a freshman! You're a toy poodle! <3

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