12 Times Troy Barnes From "Community" Was Deeply Relatable

    “That’s wrinkling my brain!”

    1. When he shared the gospel truth about what we’re all really looking for in life...

    2. ...but still understood the value of $60.

    3. When he used this ~secret~ code.

    4. That time he offered Abed an “ultimatum”

    5. His pure-hearted belief in a magical world was adorable.

    6. His childlike innocence is something we could all use a little bit more of.

    7. Seriously... it's the best.

    8. That time he inferred a life lesson from a giant cookie.

    9. When he shared his very relatable fear.

    10. And one maybe ~not-so-relatable~ fear.

    11. When he stepped out for two minutes and came back to this.

    12. And when he had this reaction to everything going wrong.

    We love you, Troy!