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    Teaching Your Baby Sign Language Is Easy With This Interactive Game

    Don’t wait for them to learn how to talk — use this sign language teaching game to share important messages and cues with your baby.

    Want to communicate with your baby? During this fun interactive video, you'll learn a series of simple signs that you can use with your pre-verbal little one. Just click “ready” on the video below to get started!

    Bonus: It’s a great way to bond, let them express emotions and needs, and figure out what they want!

    We have four useful categories to explore. You'll see a demonstration on how to do a sign, which you can then teach your baby.

    Simply click on a category and then a select a word to learn the signs.

    You'll learn how to use props to help them know what you are signing. So if you're teaching them "ball," hold a ball.

    Last but not least, teach them some love!

    Did your baby learn any of these signs? Let us know in the comments below!