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The Importance Of Lanyards For Business

Everyone seems to be using lanyards nowadays. If you are wondering what lanyards are, then do not worry, it is the string that is worn around the neck to hold ID cards. The lanyard can be used to hold key chains, pens, wine glass etc.

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Lanyards have become an integral part of our life now. Every business, school, organization is providing lanyards to hold ID’s. The same string can be used to publicize the business and many organizations do so by printing the name of the company on the lanyard. Some even print the address, the website address and even the company slogan. It all depends on how you want to promote your business. There are many types of lanyards which you can use and more info on lanyards types are given below:

Polyester Lanyards: This is one of the most common types of lanyard. Printed polyester lanyards are used by many organizations to build their brands. The best part about polyester lanyards is you can even get your logo printed easily on it.

Woven Lanyards: These are made of very fine material. The major difference between printed lanyards and woven lanyards is that the print can fade over time on printed lanyards but if the name or logo is woven then it never wears off and lasts longer. If you want lanyards to last long and the brand to be visible for a longer duration then it is better to opt for woven lanyards.

Nylon Lanyards: Nylon lanyards are also quite popular because the final look is always great due to nylon having an inherent shine. If you need your printing to be visible better and to last longer than polyester lanyards then nylon lanyards is the way to go. Many organizations have started using nylon lanyards more than other types nowadays.

Bamboo Lanyards: Bamboo lanyards are made of bamboo fibre and are very popular nowadays. If you have a eco-friendly product or if your brand is eco-friendly then you should opt for bamboo fibre lanyards. Even if your products are not eco-friendly you can opt for bamboo lanyards to show the world that you care for the environment. It is also a great way to spread awareness about the environment and the need to do something for our planet.

PVC Lanyards: A lot of companies are opting for this type of lanyard because it is considered to be better than polyester and even nylon lanyards. Hospitals and medical facilities generally prefer PVC lanyards and this is due to the fact that PVC lanyards can be easily washed and is good for sterile environments.

Plant Silk Lanyards: It is another eco-friendly option to show the world that you are environmentally conscious. The lanyard fabric is made using plant material and is biodegradable.

Custom-made Lanyards: These are specially made as per your needs and specifications. You can use a mix of materials or you can use biodegradable material and get it done. Most companies prefer custom made lanyards these days.

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