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5 Things You Need To Know About Your Time Spend On Phone

With the rapid development of smartphone and electronic equipment these decades, ‘fragmented reading’ has become the inevitable product of technology development. By the time mobile become the one you spend most time on it, the fragmented reading is invading our brain and our daily life.

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By the time mobile become the one you spend most time on it, the fragmented reading are invading our brain and our daily life.

Whether it can make reading experience better or not; is it possible for electronic equipment to replace paper back; Do we need more time on system reading, and this fragmentation, whether it will be long-term trend, these questions always worth thinking about it.

But today, let’s talk about the most important 5 things you need to know about your time on your phone.

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1. What is Fragmented Information

Here are some tips to help spot them:

a)They are always just simple fact.

b)They mostly simplify deduction process.

c)Not rigorous or comprehensive

In a word, fragmented information are always simple enough for you to

understand, in order to create a stunt and attract you in a second. They tell you the fact, but not the reasoning and deduction behind it.


2.Why it is not good for us.

It's the matter of knowledge.

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Because they are ‘fragmented’, the lost of deduction makes it hard to link all the information together. Thus, you read them, but never learned. They are some isolated spots in your mind without a systematic learning process, not like a network, which is what knowledge should be like. When you try to figure out one thing by using knowledge you have stored in your mind, you find out you can’t really remember it, you just remember ‘I read something about it the other day!’

That's how Knowledge supposed to be like

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That's how it looks like now

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3.Why do we like it?

There is one time human beings zealously enjoy is when they become the focus of all.

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Usually, those who are good at talking can easily become a focus in a party or make their partners laugh really hard in dates. These shiny moments are mostly contributed to fragmented information. Remember the features of them? Those makes fragmented information easy enough to remember – only to remember, not understand, just paraphrasing these simple things is good enough for your dinner-party material.

Ultimately, those information fulfill you nothing.

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4.How to avoid?

I don’t recommend avoiding social media, or give your 10 tips to flee from it. I know you enjoy your ‘random shopping’ time online. I can give you some tips, however, to help improve your comprehension of information, based on the fact that they are fragmented already.

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Keep being curious!

Knowing “What” is not important, the thing is, you must always ask “Why” and “How”. If the original post doesn’t tell you deduction, find it! Always remember to keep being curious, and that's when your smartphone start to help.

Technology Never Offline

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5.There is no Good?

Besides we were talking about fragmented information can become your dinner-party materials, are there are any other merits out of it? Here are some more you need to know.

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1) Fragmentation contribute to finding things.

Fragmented information are always structured by easy terms and you can easily find them when searching it, also, to drag one’s attention, they would like to put the most important thing on the first paragraph or first sentence, so this is your natural filter to select.

We all remember old days when technology were still hard...

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2) Easy to Spread

From the 140 words twitter to Buzzfeed that I can post, everyone gets to talk publicly nowadays. Share one’s opinion, is always not a bad thing.

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3) Personalized Recommendations

What you’ve searched, what you’ve read, become ads on your Facebook page, become the recommendation Amazon made for you. Decades ago, people were watching same TV show, reading same newspaper, but now, everyone's channel is customized, fragmented information makes all contents be conformable to your taste.

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Enjoy your time reading fragmented information, but...

Make the best use of your time on fragmented reading, must better than reads with no goals on books.

Now, you can share this little ‘fragmentation’ on your facebook and twitter.

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