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The 31 Cutest Ever Pictures Of JTT

Oh my gosh, Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns 31 today! All together now: I feel old. A letter from our tween selves...

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Dear JTT,

When your hair was long, that was hot.

This hair not so much.

When you were serious, that was hot.

But when you were smiling, that was hot too.

P.S. nice hoodie.

P.S. nice hoodie.

You look good in a suit.

But you look good when you go casual as well.

This is the face you would give when you were listening carefully and thoughtfully to my thoughts

Then you would pose like this and I would forget what I was saying.


I really like that you're into the outdoors.

You like fishing but you always throw the fish back.

And you're a vegetarian!

I bet you're really good at basketball even though you're short.

You look tough.

You said your favorite music was Boyz II Men and Sade

But I don't really care what you listen to when you have this face.

And this face.

And this owl.

And this deer.

So sassy.

Nice jeans, mom.


I like your autumn sweater.

I totally agree that "dating is not an easy thing."

But it would be if you were with me.

And when we get married, you'll look at me like this.

And I'll be your Nala forever.


Yours Truly, Alll girls born from approx. 1981 – 1990.

Yours Truly,

Alll girls born from approx. 1981 – 1990.

P.S. You still look good.

In conclusion

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