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    You Need This Extremely Fashionable Dog In Your Life

    Get with the Hwooko program and always look your best!

    This chihuahua lives in Tokyo, Japan.

    Her name is Hwooko.

    As you can see, she owns a lot of a fabulous clothes.

    Especially hats, there are a lot of good hats.

    She enjoys hanging out with her stuffed animal friends.

    And rocking some hot accessories.

    And chances are: you need her.

    If you follow her on Instagram, every once in awhile when you're having a bad day she will appear like magic.

    Just to say, look, "I'm a chihuahua wearing a little hat."

    "You sure you want to stay sad in a world that includes ME?"

    She knows you want to be happy, and she's just here to remind you that the world is a magical place.

    Well, mostly she's here to get dressed up.

    And admire her self-portrait birthday cake while wearing an apple hat.

    And chill with her homies.

    Have a wonderful day!

    And next time you're getting ready, channel a little bit of Hwooko.

    Look your best, feel your best!

    Hwooko would want it that way.

    <3 <3 <3


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