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    Where Is The Cast Of "Empire Records" Now?

    The most underrated/best teen movie of the '90s spawned some great careers and a LOT of police TV drama stars... But what happened to WARREN?!

    Listen along:

    Corey (Liv Tyler)

    Lucas (Rory Cochrane)

    Gina (Renée Zellweger)

    A.J. (Johnny Whitworth)

    Debra (Robin Tunney)

    Mark (Ethan Embry)

    Joe Reaves (Anthony LaPaglia)

    Rex Manning (Maxwell Caulfield)

    Jane (Debi Mazar)

    "Warren" (Brendan Sexton III)

    Berko (Coyote Shivers)

    Eddie (James "Kimo" Wills)