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    Two Tiny Kittens Rescued From A Junk Pile

    These itsy bitsy charmers were rescued by photographer Scott Allan after he found them in a junk pile near the side of his house. Prepare yourself for heart palpitations...

    Walked outside this morning and heard what sounded like a bird, or squirrel, or something. Traced the sound to our side yard, and there he was, trapped in a junk pile of old wood and cobwebs. He wouldn't come to my call and any attempt to get my arm in there just made him back up and disappear. Soooo long story short, the shed is now without siding as that was the only way to get to him. He's just under 0.5 pounds and is barely 3-weeks old (at the vet's best guess). He seems to be in decent health considering my brother said he heard something, now thinks it was this guy, about 5-days ago. Soooo if anyone has any name suggestions for our new family member, let's hear 'em.
    So, #2 showed up last night. LATE. My brother heard something out at the same spot so we had a look and this little lover was just sitting there in the rumble. So I got out the headlamps, took off another side-panel of the shed and 1/2 hour later we had it out of there. The scary part is that it's even smaller and was pretty dirty! But it eagerly took to the kitten milk right away. Now feeling like we had a small clue what we were doing, we felt pretty good about it's chances. So after some milk and a bit of a cleaning, off to bed with it's brother it went. Then this morning, AFTER breakfast, it was time for a bath, then a nap, then more milk and play time. It's pretty funny watching them "learn" how to do EVERYTHING, including playing with each other!