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This Dog Raised By Cats Will Make Your Day

Tally is a husky mix who was raised in a family full of cats. She's recently made a splash due to her unbelievably cute cat-like antics.

Meet Tally.

Being raised in a family full of cats has given her some interesting ideas about what's fun.

And also made her exceptionally lazy.

She likes to sleep on the floor in whatever room her humans are in.

In all kinds of feline-esque positions.

It may look like she wants you to run her belly, but she does NOT.

She's just really into sleeping, OK?

She's been a napper ever since she was a puppy.

She is also a fan of sticking her head in bags,


and dope-ass headgear.

Being outside in the cold?

Not snow much.

Tally does, however, love staring contemplatively out the window.

And chilling on her own personal couch.

And knocking stuff over.

But even though having a dog who thinks she's a cat might be confusing sometimes...

It's also pretty darn adorable.