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The Rescued Raccoon Who Is About To Make Your Day

This story starts off incredibly sad: this raccoon was found in the under-cabin of a boat at an impounded marina, in a filthy cage full of rotten food where he had been living since he was a baby. Harbor was left 80% blind due to his poor nutrition and lack of sunlight, and he was turned over to rehabilitator, MaryEllen Schoeman, who named him Harbor. In his new home, Harbor didn't just recover well enough to survive, he found a boundless exuberance and a love of life that should inspire us all.

Harbor playing in his new outdoors enclosure

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Schoeman determined that it would be some time, if ever, before Harbor could be released back into the wild, so she built him this outdoor enclosure. "I was astounded, and continue to be, at his utterly incredible capacity for joy. He plays, ecstatically, with anything at hand, and accepts everything that comes into his life with an open heart."

Harbor taking a walk in the garden

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"I have worked with raccoons for many years, and I can honestly say that I have never encountered one who greets each day with such happiness, and who loves so fully and so deeply. He loves his pool, his toys and every single person he meets." -MaryEllen Schoeman

Harbor romping cutely

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I may or may not have already watched this video upwards of ten times.