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The Fantastic Adventures Of Biddy The Hedgehog

Biddy should be a hero to us all, in terms of general intrepidness.

Meet Biddy.

He is bored by your silly human cages.

But he enjoys being held.

He also enjoys green grass...

...running on the beach...

...contemplating philosophical paradoxes...



...and most of all: ADVENTURE!!

On this good day, Biddy got to ride in a car.


And there was bubble tea!

Every day Biddy is reminded that the earth is a really beautiful place.

It has pretty rivers...


...leopard-print blankets...


...and hedgehogs!

Oh, and waterfalls.

Especially waterfalls.

Biddy knows you don't have to go far from home to have a good time.

But it doesn't hurt!

Biddy loves it when the sun is shining on his little quills.

He loves having a good view of a breathtaking landscape.

But the best part is getting to experience it with the people he loves.

We could all stand to be a little more like Biddy.

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