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    Posted on Apr 16, 2013

    The 17 Best Places For Cats To Visit

    A weekend travel guide for feline adventurers.

    17. Shopping bags.

    Whether paper or plastic, there's a universe of possibilities inside.

    16. Laundry baskets.

    Warm and clean – what more do you want?

    15. Bookshelves.

    The better the books, the better the nap.

    14. On top of the toilet.

    Flickr: humanesociety

    I recommend choosing one with both lids closed for optimal relaxation.

    13. The bathtub.


    12. Suitcases.

    The closer your person is to getting ready to leave on vacation, the better a snuggle down in the suitcase will feel.

    11. Car hoods.

    If you happen to be an indoor-outdoor cat, there is no better spot than the hood of the ol' car. Just make sure it's not moving!

    10. Someone else's bed.

    Nothing like displacing a dog for a good night's sleep.

    9. Pots.

    Like it was made for you.

    8. Cabinets.

    The cleaner the dishes, the better.

    7. Radiators.

    Mmmmmmmmmmm warmth...

    6. Drawers.

    These are especially good for hiding inside and unwittingly scaring the crap out of your person.

    5. Sinks.

    Again: Make sure there's no water inside, or else you might melt and die.

    4. Boxes.

    As all cats know, boxes are a little rectangle of heaven right here on planet Earth.

    3. Window blinds.

    Bend them to your will for all of your lookin' out needs!

    2. Computers.

    Flickr: adavey

    The busier your person is, the more satisfying a nice day nap on the ol' keyboard will be.

    1. Near the one they love.

    Nowhere better in the world.

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