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Olympic Horses Jump Over Everything

What do you wish the horses had to jump over to win the gold? Use our pic mixer to make your dreams come true!

Should they jump over the London Bridge?

Or Ryan Lochte's head?

Or Nyan Cat?

Maybe they could jump over NASA?

Alternately, they could jump over Randy Travis?

I personally wish they were jumping with CORGIS!

Try it yourself!


• Click on the top left landscape button to upload a photo of what you think the horsies should jump over.

• Arrange everything -- you can make your background picture bigger using the lower toolbar, which is also where you can bring the horses forward once you add your creative jump photo.

• You can also use the toolbar to adjust items' size and position. With it you can: crop, enlarge, shrink, rotate, flip, undo, or delete one of the horses.

• Once you're done, click post and share with the world