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    36 Pieces Of Mod Pet Furniture Nicer Than Your Actual Furniture

    If you can't afford your own Eames lounge, you might be able to at least treat your cat or dog to something ridiculously beautiful.

    1. The Catwheel.

    2. This tiny daybed for a cat or a small dog.

    3. Wicker nightstand / kitten house / climbing gym.

    4. Slatted wood doggie daybed.

    5. An addition to your sofa, just for your beloved pet.

    6. Military-spec fabric dog bed.

    7. The "STAY" bed, for blurry pups.

    8. Wall mounted yarn toy.

    9. Mid-century modern dog house / side table.

    10. The dog house for indoor dogs.

    11. The white "diamond" food bowl.




    15. Mid-century kitty side table / litter box hider.

    16. The "lotus" cat tree.

    17. Pretty patterned dog cushions.

    18. The kitty scratcher / wall unit.

    19. Stark stripey dog bed.

    20. Futuristic orange dog haus.

    21. Cushy patterned dog bed.

    22. Felted cat ball.

    23. Dog house house.

    24. Luxury cat lounges.

    25. Wooden food and water bowls.

    26. Librato multi-pet bed.

    27. Traveling dog blanket.

    28. Chic hanging cat lounger.

    29. Raised metal cat feeders.

    30. Cardboard cat nest, as modeled by Maru.

    31. Multicolor square dog or cat food bowls.

    32. Cushy faux-fur dog cushion.

    33. The curvy cats nest.

    34. This purple bed / window looker.

    35. Faux leather dog bed / pug boat.

    36. And finally, the perfect cat-sized chaise lounge.