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    Kitty Rescued From A Ditch Given Love And Sweaters

    Freida had matted fur and weighed less than two pounds when she was found, but her rescuer is making sure that she stays warm and safe as she grows up and recovers.

    Meet Freida!

    Although she was abandoned in a ditch, she was destined to be found by a man strolling by, and then rescued and loved by the Forgotten Felines organization.

    She is tiny — and weighed less than two pounds when she was found.

    After she was rescued, Freida was taken to the vet and diagnosed with a skin rash and a nonworking liver (an explanation for why she is so tiny). She is currently being treated.

    She had to be shaved to deal with her matted fur and other conditions, so she gets to wear adorable sweaters and T-shirts pretty much all the time.

    Or, on a warm day, a little bikini.

    A special-occasion Hello Kitty tutu.

    A bow denoting her princess-ness.

    It's hard to imagine anyone "throwing away" this face.

    But we are so happy she was found.

    Here's to Freida...

    and to all the rescuers in the world.

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