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    Posted on Jun 10, 2013

    It's About Time We Sat Down And Talked About Borzois

    AKA Russian Wolfhounds AKA simultaneously the most badass and most hilarious dog breed ever wrapped up into one super weird shape.

    Why hello there.

    Listen up.


    Yes, this horse of a dog.

    Reg Speller / Getty Images

    The confusingly janky alignment of legs and more legs and a tiny head.

    These tall glasses of water.

    They're real, they're borzois, and they're here to stay.

    Koichi Kamoshida / Getty Images

    They've been a favorite family pet and hunting dog for hundreds of years.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    Probably because they are really cute when they're puppies,

    and then when they grow up they look disturbingly like people wearing dog costumes.

    Or they just look adorable.

    They are amiable,






    and hilarious.

    For some reason they really like doing this.


    They are also capable of bending into improbably interesting shapes.

    They cuddle in a trademarked "Tetris" style.

    Their tall, thin frame makes them ideal fashion models.

    Borzois are ideal friends for all species.

    Even cats.

    But family is what's most important to them.

    So despite the hilarity, maybe borzois aren't that different from us.


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