How To Dress A Hedgehog For Halloween

Everyone knows that hedgehogs love dressing up in costumes, but their little legs are too short to put clothes on by themselves. That’s why hedgehogs need your help in donning these costumes for the upcoming holiday. Pledge to dress up a hedgehog and we can go a long way in preventing hedgie embarrassment.

1. Draculahog

2. HedgeBandito

4. Cactushog

7. Cowboy*

Hedgehog is practically synonymous with cowboy, so no pun is needed here.

8. Hedgeys’s Kiss

9. Hedgehogs also appreciate being dressed up for their birthdays.

11. And Christmas, of course.

13. You can even dress a hedgehog for Easter.

14. But they prefer to remain naked on Thanksgiving.

15. In conclusion, a hedgehog wearing clothes is a happier and healthier hedgehog*.

  • Probably not actually true.

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