21 Great Artists Who Were Dog People

Pups are inspiring, obviously. Courtesy of the delightful Smithsonian Institute’s Archives of Art, which is also inviting all artists to participate.

1. Sculptor John Bradley Storrs (r), with friends and a tiny puppy, 1906.

Sculptor John Bradley Storrs (1885–1956) at right, with friends and a puppy, ca. 1906.

2. Barry Faulkner with his dachsund, Slipper, 1948.

3. Alexander Calder with his dogs in Connecticut, 1960.

4. Fairfield Porter with his dog Bruno, 1972.

5. Modernist painter Chenoweth Hall (standing) and author Miriam Colwell with their dogs Lassie and Stormy, 1960.

Modernist painter Chenoweth Hall (standing) and author Miriam Colwell (seated) in front of post office in Prospect Harbor, Maine, with their dogs “Lassie” and “Stormy,” ca. 1960.

6. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum with his family and beloved great dane.

7. Sculptor Katharine Ward Lane Weems with a schipperke.

8. Painter Edward Bruce has a treat for his dog, 1930.

Painter Edward Bruce (1879–1943), who was the director of two New Deal art programs during the Great Depression, has a treat for his dog, ca. 1930.

9. Jackson Pollock with his beloved dogs Gyp and Ahab.

10. L-R: Photographer Edward Steichen, Sculptor Carl Carmer, and painter Charles Sheeler holding his dog Vanilla, 1963.

11. Albert Dorne, illustrator, with his dog Mike, 1945. The back of this photo reads “Albert Dorne with Mike his severest critic outside of his wife Edna.”

12. Photographer Harry Bowden with his wife Betty and their scottish terrier, 1941.

13. Painter and printmaker Yasuo Kuniyoshi, with his pet terrier, 1940.

14. Landscape painter Henry Ward Ranger with his dog, 1908.

15. Marsden Hartley and his dog in Aix, 1926.

16. Marcel Duchamp with his brothers and a Pipe the dog, 1913.

17. Rockwell Kent and his beloved great danes.

18. Painter William Glackens with his son Ira and their poodle Imp, in Stratford, Connecticut, 1937.

19. Painter John Steuart Curry poses with his parents and family dog, 1920

20. Lilian Bridgman, one of the first women architects in the United States, 1915.

21. Pablo Picasso holding a dog and standing on a balcony with his daughter Maya Ruiz-Picasso.

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