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    Good Samaritan Lends A Hand To A Sloth

    Your random act of kindness of the day: Reddit user Dannmak noticed this sloth on the side of the road...

    "A Three Toed Sloth was hanging precariously from the lower branches of a tree near the edge of the road (I live in Costa Rica)."

    "I couldn't resist the photo op."

    "The sloth was patient with me, while I took his photos."

    "He seemed semi-interested in me."

    "Little did I know, that inside he was screaming, "Please help me, I'm about to fall, I'm at the end of my branch.""

    "As he made one last stretch to climb upwards, I thanked him for the photos and turned to return my car.

    I heard a plop behind me. The poor little thing lost his/her grip and dropped about 4ft. to the ground."

    "They don't do too well on the ground and I was afraid that he would crawl towards the road, so I offered him a branch, which he accepted eagerly."

    "I walk him back into the jungle a little ways..."

    "...offered him a tree to hug, again he accepted."

    "In slow motion, he made his way skyward.

    A very awesome encounter with a very gentle animal."

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