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    Posted on Oct 4, 2013

    For Everyone Who Has A Thing For Young Nicolas Cage

    Look, this is not an endorsement of his current state of affairs. I'm just sayin' DEM EYELIDS.

    If you aren't an 80s kid/teen, this might be the only way you think of Nic Cage: sort of handsome in a creepy dad wearing foundation way, but more of an action star than a heartthrob.

    Getty Images

    But in the '80s? In the '80s, Nicolas Cage was a full blown hottie.

    Everett Collection

    His film debut was in a TV pilot called The Best Of Times, where he rocked jorts before jorts were even jorts.

    Where to even start here? The perfectly blown-out hair? The eyebrows fluffy enough to engulf your body like a warm blanket? Those heavy lids? The ever-present chest hair? EVERYTHING?!?!!!

    Mary Evans/VALLEY 9000/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection

    In Valley Girl he was charming as hell.

    Atlantic Releasing / courtesy Everett Collection

    Whatever you're asking, Nic, the answer is Yes. YES.



    In Moonstruck, we were able to admire the majestic sculptures known as "Nic Cage's arms".

    MGM/Courtesy: Everett Collection.

    Speaking of which, observe perhaps the secret height of of Nicolas Cage's foxiness: Birdy

    About those arms: In 1986, Cage played famous Toronto sculler Ned Hanlan.

    20th Century Fox Film Corp. / Everett Collection

    Uh, sorry, what? I got distracted.

    20th Century Fox Film Corp. / Everett Collection

    Young Nicolas Cage also had a pre-Cullen turn as a teen vampire, and needless to say: hot.

    Hemdale Film Corp. / courtesy Everett Collection

    He even made an appearance as an unhappy fast food worker in Fast Times At Ridgemont High

    Universal Pictures

    Standing next to lesser hotness? Proving of his supreme foxiness.

    Everett Collection

    Thinking about the futility of existence or whatever else is in that giant brain of his? THE HUNKIEST.

    You can raise my Arizona anytime, sir.

    20th Century Fox Film Corp. / Everett Collection

    We haven't even talked about this fucking guy in Peggy Sue Got Married.

    Everett Collection


    Atlantic Releasing / courtesy Everett Collection / Summer Anne Burton

    P.S. OMFG

    Atlantic / MGM / Via

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