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    Everyone Has An Opinion About Mark Zuckerberg's New Relationship Status

    Zuckerberg married Priscilla Chan last night, and although they've been dating for nine years, the ceremony came as a surprise to even the attendees (who thought they were attending a graduation party). The world has weighed in...

    Zuckerberg is 28 and he's been with Chan for the last nine years. The ceremony was in their backyard in Palo Alto and was attended by less than 100 guests, who thought that they were coming over for a surprise graduation party for Chan. However, the couple had been planning the wedding for more than four months, according to one source. Food was family style from Palo Alto Sol and Fuki Sushi, and apparently Mark designed her ring, which featured a "very simple ruby" according to a Facebook spokesperson.

    But based on the comments on Mark's facebook update and searches on twitter, not everyone has a nice word to say...

    Some people are really happy for them.

    Other people are racist.

    And a lot of people thought Mark Zuckerberg was gay.

    But most people just want to know about the pre-nup.