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The 25 Drunkest Animals On The Internet

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1. This pug is about to have an awesome night.

2. These mice are ready to party!

3. This cockatiel just needs to relax after a long day at work.

4. This dog is depressed, and beer seems to help.

5. This squirrel drinks beer with a straw when he can't afford a cocktail.

6. This otter would like to share a cold one with his crush.

7. This puppy has a low tolerance.

8. But this cat drinks a six-pack every night while watching "House Hunters."

9. In every case, though, self-control is key.

10. Or else you could end up like this.

11. This horse had one beer too many and ended up with pants on.

12. These sharks don't even know where they are right now.

13. Whiskey makes this bear super angry.

14. These goats have never met this camel before tonight.

15. This snail forgot how to sidewalk.

16. This bat just passed out and that is NOT his bed.

17. You could end up like this snake.

18. This dog just woke up here, he doesn't know...

19. It's hard to do stuff when you're drunk.

20. This deer does not need to be running errands in this state.

21. Oh, Frank.

22. Don't end up like this corgi.

23. Oof.

24. Ugh.

25. Drink responsibly, folks.

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