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Cyclist Brings His Cat Along For The Rides

Rudi Saldia has been taking his cat Mary Jane on cycling trips around Philadelphia since she was a kitten. You can follow their adventures on YouTube.

Meet Rudi and Mary Jane.

MJ has been accompanying Rudi on his cycling trips since she was a two-month old kitten.

They live together in Philadelphia, where they turn heads as they buzz around the streets with MJ riding on Rudi's shoulders.

Rudi made his first video of their adventure to prove to his mom that his kitty really was riding along.

Rudi says MJ loves going on trips with him.

"She enjoys seeing everything and having the wind blow in her ears, especially being an indoors cat."

"On the shoulder, she loves it."

"She's in total zen mode."

So if you're ever in Philly, look for these two best friends.

If you can figure out which one is more adorable, let us know!