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Cloned Dog Fathers Eight Puppies

A Florida couple had their beloved dog, Sir Lancelot, cloned after he passed away in 2009. Lancelot Encore, clone of the OG Lancelot, is now the father of eight puppies who were born on July 4th: Star, Victory, Glory, Patriot, America, Independence, Allegiance and Liberty.

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Lancelot Encore posing with a portrait of his "former self."

We decided to clone our beloved Lancelot for a very easy reason: The technology was finally in place. His DNA was frozen and the rest was history. They had cloned a few dogs and it seemed to be fate. The people to execute the technology were available, although a long way away in South Korea. We are people who believe in being out front. But mostly we had found a very human dog in our Sir Lancelot. We loved and respected him and decided that 12 years was too short. He returned that feeling many times over. We expected to get a dog that looked basically the same. We wanted the essence of our wonderful pet. What we have found is that we got so much more.Lancey Encore the clone, has the same behavior, the same movements and has all of the same traits of his predecessor. That part we did not expect. Lancelot, our PRINCE CHARMING had finally come home

And now, there are puppies!

The tiny faces of science miracles, folks.

The tiny faces of science miracles, folks.

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