Barack Obama Now Has A Fish Named After Him

    Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Teddy Roosevelt, and Jimmy Carter are also honored by the names of these new freshwater darter species.

    Last week, five new fish species were given some left-leaning names after being recognized as distinct species for the first time. The five fish species were previously considered populations of the wider-ranging Speckled Darter (Etheostoma stigmaeum), but male breeding colors and morphology have revealed their 'true colors.' The fish were "discovered" and named by Steve Layman from Geosyntec Consultants in Georgia and Rick Mayden from the Department of Biology at Saint Louis University.

    Etheostoma Obama, the Spangled Darter

    Etheostoma Gore, the Cumberland Darter

    Etheostoma JimmyCarter, the Bluegrass Darter

    Etheostoma TeddyRoosevelt, the Highland Darter

    Etheostoma Clinton, the Beaded Darter