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    Architecture For Dogs

    Japanese designer Kenya Hara commissioned custom-built homes for specific dog breeds from 11 renowned architects/designers. Barkitecture! / Via

    On left, Atelier Bow-Wow for a dachshund

    On right, project's creator Kenya Hara's home for a teacup poodle "to elevate the dog to human level." / Via

    "Papillon" by Shigeru Ban / Via

    Boston Terrier storage, by Sou Fujimoto. / Via

    Interlocking wooden structure for a pug, by Kengo Kuma. / Via

    A jack russell's "Wanmock," by Torafu Architects / Via

    A bichon frise nest by Kazuyo Sejima. / Via

    A vanity for poodles, by Konstantin Grcic. / Via

    Hiroshi Naito’s spitz design. / Via

    Hara Design Institute for a japanese terrier. / Via

    A wheeled cart for a shiba by Toyo Ito

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