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17 Animals Who Are Experiencing The Perfect Scratch

This is happiness.

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1. This baby crocodile has been waiting for this moment his whole short life.

2. A tiny owlet who just wants to be smoothed.

3. The dog who can't even handle how much he loves having his chest scratched.

4. A cat who, like all cats, has a secret spot behind her ears.

5. This dog who has reached a transcendental high off of chin scratching.

6. This extremely satisfied cat.

7. This kitty who had been itchy right there all. day. long.

8. A polar bear mom who has instructed her polar bear cub well.

9. This dog who loves that love is a drug.

10. A baby leopard who doesn't even know her leg is kicking right now.

11. This cat who will never again feel as good as he does right now.

12. The wombat who is us IRL.

13. This cat who finds scratchy trees even more satisfying than hands.

14. A koala who can't even help it.

15. A dog who is so grateful for the perfect scratch that he is trying to send you psychic love vibes to last a lifetime.

16. A cat who has seen the light and the light is called "head scratching."

17. And these two best friends who've got life figured out.

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