Andrew McCutchen Is The Most Charming Baseball Player On Instagram

Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates is a very, very good baseball player. And, if his Instagram is any indication, he’s also a real chill dude.

1. This is Andrew McCutchen.

McCutchen, 26, finished last season with a .327 batting average (the second best in the National League) and 194 hits (the most in the NL). He also had 31 home runs, 96 RBIs, and 20 stolen bases (his fourth consecutive season of >20 SBs), and led the entire National League in Offensive Wins Above Replacement (7.5).

2. Cutch has the coolest hair in the sport.

3. This is where he grew up.

Fort Meade, Florida.

4. And this is the car he drives now.

5. He still cuts his dad’s hair.

6. He makes his lady breakfast.

7. They are are a really cute couple.

Caption on this photo: “Killin’em…well, she is.”

9. They wore some pretty awesome makeup this past Halloween.

10. When they’re bored, they play “Airplane”!

And he’s the airplane.

11. He loves kids.

Caption: “The look on this kids face reminds me to never take this game for granted. I Live For This”

13. He wears crazy pants.

14. He wears awesome socks.

15. He has excellent taste in snacks.

Would eat.

16. He can do a handstand.

17. He rides tiny, tiny scooters.

18. He hangs out with Channing Tatum.

19. He hangs out with Charlie Sheen*.

*Maybe not that cool, actually.

20. He hangs out with HARRISON FORD*.

*More than makes up for that last guy.

21. The other night, he got bored…

22. And made some M&M drawings.

23. In conclusion…

24. Andrew McCutchen should be everyone’s best friend.

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