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50 Puppies To Help You Get Through Work Today

@BuzzFeedAnimals started a #PuppyOff yesterday afternoon and solved everyone's post-vacation workday blues. Next time you're in a rut, try puppies.

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First off, if you're worried about your employer's feelings about a Puppy Off, just show them this study:

A study released last October shows that looking at pictures of baby animals greatly increases focus and productivity.

In other words, a Puppy Off will help you get your work done and everyone who participates should probably get a raise or an Employee of the Month award or something. Feel free to send us a cut of the bonus you're bound to receive after looking over this Performance Enhancing PuppyOff.

Twitter: @jdil20

Now, we received close to a hundred puppies* yesterday and it was the best day ever. We've managed, through objective scientific measures, to narrow it down to the the 50 most productivity enhancing pups of the group.

* For purposes of the puppy off, all dogs are puppies. That's how it is in their hearts, where it matters.

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