50 Puppies To Help You Get Through Work Today

@BuzzFeedAnimals started a #PuppyOff yesterday afternoon and solved everyone’s post-vacation workday blues. Next time you’re in a rut, try puppies.

First off, if you’re worried about your employer’s feelings about a Puppy Off, just show them this study:

A study released last October shows that looking at pictures of baby animals greatly increases focus and productivity.

In other words, a Puppy Off will help you get your work done and everyone who participates should probably get a raise or an Employee of the Month award or something. Feel free to send us a cut of the bonus you’re bound to receive after looking over this Performance Enhancing PuppyOff.

I spotted this puppy on Pinterest yesterday and just had to share with BuzzFeed Animals’ Twitter followers.

“I think this is one of the cutest pups I have ever seen!”

Then Twitter user youneedabath sent over another ludicrously charming puppy. Although he sent it without commentary, it seemed to be an invitation to spar…


Now, we received close to a hundred puppies* yesterday and it was the best day ever. We’ve managed, through objective scientific measures, to narrow it down to the the 50 most productivity enhancing pups of the group.

  • For purposes of the puppy off, all dogs are puppies. That’s how it is in their hearts, where it matters.

There was “Fungus the boneyman.”

“This is Broney, the fluffy puppy!!”

“Here I am again #puppyoff, chewin’ on my bone.”

“meet Piper! My Christmas puppy!”

“this is Maisie, my cutie.”

“this is Luna and her ratchet tongue.”

“Humphrey, he’s a seizure alert dog.”

“The lovely Miss Lola Jean.”

“too many cute photos of Little Miss Winnie, but this is one of my favs.”

“Ola! Nothing is more gorgeous than Honey, my aunts spanish poodle.”

“Here’s my dog Pixel in the snow staying warm in her pink parka!”

“Check out my hoodie tweeps.”

“Zoey is very interested in the #puppyoff”

“my doxie puppy dreaming of hot dogs!”

“Meet Lexie. She likes to eat (mostly things she shouldn’t).”

“I present shy Jethro and his extra toes.”

“He wants his belly rubbed! Can’t say no!”

“Wilbur’s first hotdog, courtesy of aunt caroline”

“No #PuppyOff would be complete without this face. Petey loves attention!”

“And now I’ll contribute. Presenting Parker with the big nose.”

“This is my other dog Kahlua driving the car.”

“Cooper’s only concern has always been comfort.”

“This #puppyoff needs an extreme close-up of my extremely cute ball of scruff! Meet Eleanor.”

“i present to you, little Maeby [Fünke]!!!”

“My girl’s name is Lily & she’s ready for her close up!”

“He’s technically not a puppy but can you say no to that face?”

“#PuppyOff with BuzzFeed Animals. This flying dog is great.”

“My contribution to this #PuppyOff. Say hello to Maddy.”

“Murphy is ready for his close up!”

“If you’re forced to wear a cone, be the most adorable cone-wearer ever”

“Meet Big Mac.Watch out cats and foxes who venture into backyard. You will be chased.”

“This is my dog, Dasher.”

“My puppy mill rescue Phoebe!”

“Ralph is a very dapper pup.”

“here’s Franklin.”

“I see Franklin in a coat and I raise you Max, my boxer, in in a tie.”

“Okay my personal contribution to the #PuppyOff is my dad’s rescue, Frances. I love her.”

“Here’s Fezzik, begging for food as usual.”

“Meet Kōlea, who loves the beach.”

“Lucy is decked out in her winter hanky! Workin’ it for the camera!”

“Rugby busting a move.”

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