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    50 Puppies To Help You Get Through Work Today

    @BuzzFeedAnimals started a #PuppyOff yesterday afternoon and solved everyone's post-vacation workday blues. Next time you're in a rut, try puppies.

    First off, if you're worried about your employer's feelings about a Puppy Off, just show them this study:

    A study released last October shows that looking at pictures of baby animals greatly increases focus and productivity.

    In other words, a Puppy Off will help you get your work done and everyone who participates should probably get a raise or an Employee of the Month award or something. Feel free to send us a cut of the bonus you're bound to receive after looking over this Performance Enhancing PuppyOff.

    Twitter: @BuzzFeedAnimals

    I spotted this puppy on Pinterest yesterday and just had to share with BuzzFeed Animals' Twitter followers.

    "I think this is one of the cutest pups I have ever seen!"

    Twitter: @youneedabath

    Then Twitter user youneedabath sent over another ludicrously charming puppy. Although he sent it without commentary, it seemed to be an invitation to spar...


    Twitter: @jdil20

    Now, we received close to a hundred puppies* yesterday and it was the best day ever. We've managed, through objective scientific measures, to narrow it down to the the 50 most productivity enhancing pups of the group.

    * For purposes of the puppy off, all dogs are puppies. That's how it is in their hearts, where it matters.

    Twitter: @Miss_Cakehead

    There was "Fungus the boneyman."

    Twitter: @LaurenMeeks

    "This is Broney, the fluffy puppy!!"

    Twitter: @TheRealLilaPug

    "Here I am again #puppyoff, chewin' on my bone."

    Twitter: @AllisonHowen

    "meet Piper! My Christmas puppy!"

    Twitter: @abicantor

    "this is Maisie, my cutie."

    Twitter: @GreerWalseth

    "this is Luna and her ratchet tongue."

    Twitter: @Pippiparoo

    "Humphrey, he's a seizure alert dog."

    Twitter: @ljenisel

    "The lovely Miss Lola Jean."

    Twitter: @PRMelissaMatter

    "too many cute photos of Little Miss Winnie, but this is one of my favs."

    Twitter: @o_queenie

    "Ola! Nothing is more gorgeous than Honey, my aunts spanish poodle."

    Twitter: @LNic28

    "Here's my dog Pixel in the snow staying warm in her pink parka!"

    Twitter: @JeSuisNellie

    "Check out my hoodie tweeps."

    Twitter: @micahwood

    "Zoey is very interested in the #puppyoff"

    Twitter: @omgbren

    "my doxie puppy dreaming of hot dogs!"

    Twitter: @KarenSnyderDuke

    "Meet Lexie. She likes to eat (mostly things she shouldn't)."

    Twitter: @ismikeis

    "I present shy Jethro and his extra toes."

    Twitter: @Coleypunch

    "He wants his belly rubbed! Can't say no!"

    Twitter: @carolinoir

    "Wilbur's first hotdog, courtesy of aunt caroline"

    Twitter: @Spinkybird

    "A grown up pup."

    Twitter: @babyduck72

    "No #PuppyOff would be complete without this face. Petey loves attention!"

    Twitter: @lkurtz

    "And now I'll contribute. Presenting Parker with the big nose."

    Twitter: @Arielle07

    "This is my other dog Kahlua driving the car."

    Twitter: @mjkiebus

    "Cooper's only concern has always been comfort."

    Twitter: @jambon3

    "This #puppyoff needs an extreme close-up of my extremely cute ball of scruff! Meet Eleanor."

    Twitter: @sarapelissero

    "Meet Doug E. Fresh."

    Twitter: @MegSpang

    "i present to you, little Maeby [Fünke]!!!"

    Twitter: @ChristaMarzan

    "My girl's name is Lily & she's ready for her close up!"

    Twitter: @kristenncagle

    "He's technically not a puppy but can you say no to that face?"

    Twitter: @ICtine

    "Little Teddy!"

    Twitter: @lilisalzberg

    "#PuppyOff with BuzzFeed Animals. This flying dog is great."

    Twitter: @Arielle07

    "My contribution to this #PuppyOff. Say hello to Maddy."

    Twitter: @FiascoMac

    "This is Buddy."

    Twitter: @lookatlauren

    "Murphy is ready for his close up!"

    Twitter: @ericarockley

    "If you’re forced to wear a cone, be the most adorable cone-wearer ever"

    Twitter: @endsealhunt

    "Meet Big Mac.Watch out cats and foxes who venture into backyard. You will be chased."

    Twitter: @JazzBadger

    "Snoozy Pooch..."

    Twitter: @lexjoki

    "This is my dog, Dasher."

    Twitter: @laurenbologna

    "My puppy mill rescue Phoebe!"

    Twitter: @AshleyLLouise

    "Ralph is a very dapper pup."

    Twitter: @WillD79

    "here's Franklin."

    Twitter: @nabichami

    "I see Franklin in a coat and I raise you Max, my boxer, in in a tie."

    Twitter: @summeranne

    "Okay my personal contribution to the #PuppyOff is my dad's rescue, Frances. I love her."

    Twitter: @mandimizzou

    "Here's Fezzik, begging for food as usual."

    Twitter: @michellebvd

    "Meet Kōlea, who loves the beach."

    Twitter: @jordan1205

    "Lucy is decked out in her winter hanky! Workin' it for the camera!"

    Twitter: @SmotheringRugby

    "Rugby busting a move."

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