43 Fashionable Looks Worn By Snoopy The Cat

On his highly reputable Chinese fashion blog, Snoopy models his androgynous personal style with a variety of outfits mixing high fashion with costume shop props, handmade details, intricate jewelry, and thrifted hats. Inspiring!

2. His refreshing sense of personal style has inspired cats worldwide.

3. He loves a good hat.

8. He playfully reverses traditional gender roles with his ardent appreciation of all things shiny and dangly.

14. And pink accessories!

18. He also enjoys playing with the traditional wardrobe of other species.

25. He poses in a variety of scenarios, and his photos sometimes evoke a strong emotional reaction in addition to showing off his threads.

He infuses his wardrobe with his personality…

26. wearing things his way.

27. Here he shows off two ways to wear a bandana…

28. He sometimes crafts his own outfits using non-traditional materials.

29. He is a master of the well-placed accessory.

30. This gorgeous silky scarf.

31. Here he is in a gutsy studded halter.

32. He poses seductively in only socks.

33. A Valentine’s Day special tie.

34. Birthday hats have never looked so good.

35. Although Snoopy does sometimes flash a hot trend,

36. his real strength is in tweaking what’s hot and making it his own.

37. You can use many adjectives to describe Snoopy: DASHING

41. In short, Snoopy is doing more for fashion than most famous designers.

42. Just by being himself.

43. Even in the nude, his steez shines bright.

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