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40 Personal DIY Details From Real Weddings

The weddings of strangers are always fun to look at – whether you're planning a wedding yourself, throwing a party, or just daydreamin'. All of these examples are from real couples who found unique ways to imbue their wedding day with personality and love.

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Handmade dress using vintage tablecloths. The bride says "I chose to design my own dress because I had originally wanted a vintage dress, but found that the nicest ones were out of my price range."



This couple used a tablecloth as their "guest book," instructing guests to sign directly on the cloth laid out under their world map seating chart. The bride said "I'm going to embroider over each entry and use it at our next dinner party."



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Labels for food at the reception. These can be made by buying those plastic animal figurines you can get at any toy store and adding a "clip" using gardening wire, then spray painting the whole thing in the color palette of your celebration.


This couple invited guests to enter a cake competition and the cakes were judged by the top table. First, second, and third place earned rosettes from the bride and groom, and everyone went home with to-go boxes stuffed with cake.

Reception Decor, Tables, and Seating Arrangements


"Rather than use tableclothes or placemats, we bought large, white doilies and came up with personal messages for our guests that Lauren hand-wrote in her amazing and unique calligraphy. Some messages were specific (to our parents) and other were general messages that we wanted to share with our guests."


Reception tent designed by couple and their families. The couple's moms collaborated on the floral design, the bride's mom made the bunting, and the bride and groom collected the objects used in table arrangements.

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