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37 Pictures That Prove Cats Have Hearts Of Gold

This post will make you want to go hug your kitty.

1. This is what love looks like.


3. The daily visitor.

4. The cat 80-year-old Misa found abandoned and who now accompanies her always.

5. A 10-year-old and his new best friend.

6. These two love to spend time together in the sunlight.

7. A pool technician whose best friend just wants to help.

8. How sleep is done.

9. 100 and 17 years old, respectively.

10. Hand holding during naptime.

11. Inmate Richard Amaro holds Clementine, part of a cat adoption program in a Washington state prison.

12. Her constant companion.

13. She'll put up with whatever he needs.

14. Agreeing to play princess.

15. Dreaming of each other's adventures.

16. Bros.

17. They have a different way of playing.

18. Snuggling.

19. He's not a fan of cats, but the cat doesn't care.

20. She doesn't do this with anyone else, but he needs her.

21. They are so grateful for each other.

22. An inmate's greatest joy.

23. The cat who tries to cuddle with his deployed dad.

24. Naps.

25. He wanted a lap cat his whole life, and he finally got one.

26. She has special needs, and they weren't sure how she'd react to a cat. This is what happened.

27. Sneaking into the hospital to visit mom.

28. They'll grow up together.

29. Where this cat is at his most comfortable.

30. Buddies.

31. Beginning an exciting journey together.

32. Hugs.

33. Their bodyguards.

34. Love.

35. After his wife died, his cat wouldn't leave his side.

36. Cats have the biggest hearts in the world.

37. <3 <3 <3