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32 Reasons Why Ducklings Are Totally Underrated

Non-mammals really get shafted in cute animal fandom. Ducklings are in the top ten cutest baby animals ever, maybe even top five. Here's why.

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1. they have little yellow feet.

2. or sometimes cute orange feet

3. which they use to waddle cutely

4. or they go lay in the grass

5. but they'd rather be floatin'

6. giving you duckling eyes

7. chillin'

8. paddlin'

9. catchin' bugs

10. hangin' out together

11. then they dry off

12. or get dried off

13. sometimes they aren't yellow

14. sometimes they're white

15. but it's really cute when they are yellow

16. and it's really cute when they're mottled

17. see?!

18. squee

19. or when the mottled ones hang out with the all yellow ones

20. man, ducklings are just the best

21. they can barely restrain themselves around one another

22. cuteness party!

23. cuteness snuggles!

24. ducklings can even compete with this kitten in a cuteness competition

25. this rabbit too

26. three ducklings... three times as cute

27. hard evidence

28. exhibit c

29. they are hand-sized

30. and, basically, they are perfect

31. love you

32. ducklings!

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