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    30 Cute Dog Photos From The '30s

    In doing research for this post, I have come to the important conclusion that dogs reached the height of their cuteness in the 1930s. Really, like a fourth of these dogs are wearing little hats.

    1. This dog wearing a hat, '30s

    2. This dog named Jerry sharing water with this duck named Rex, 1931

    3. This ridiculous sheepdog, 1932

    4. This dog and the little girl he takes care of, 1931

    5. These two ladies on the beach in hats, '30s

    6. All these cute puppies on a ladder, 1932

    7. Parro, 1933

    8. These stupidly cute puppies, 1934

    9. This boy with his cocker spaniel, '30s

    10. A schoolgirl with her dog, 1930

    11. This dog wearing a bowler hat, 1939

    12. This police dog wearing a backpack, 1939

    13. This dog wearing another, smaller dog around his neck, 1938

    14. This guy feeding this dog out a hose, approx. 1938

    15. This dog jumping very high... plus a goat... plus a handsome gent... 1938

    16. Pullen, Girl and Dog, 1937-1938

    17. These three dogs waiting for their turn at the sheep dog trials in Yorkshire, 1936

    18. This dog sitting on someone's car, 1936

    19. This pretty lady hugging her pretty dog, 1936

    20. Girl with her pup, '30s

    21. This girl hugging on her terrier, 1935

    22. This sea dog keeping watch, 1935

    23. This dog on a sled, 1932

    24. Champion Num Skull the bull terrier, 1930

    25. This terrier posing for a formal portrait with mom, 1933

    26. This dog pretending to be a professor, 1934

    27. A whole bunch of irish setter puppies, 1946

    28. A dog and his boy, beach in Australia, 1937

    29. Dog with a smaller dog in a hat, 1933

    30. Dog driving a girl driving a car, 1935

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